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With the interviews we literally want to bring our readers closers to a different world and provide insight into the daily life and the stories, backgrounds of our interview's subject.

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Our first guest 21 years old Rozi Komlós, living in Sydney moved to Australia at the age of 3 met combat sports at an early age and fell in love with the art of eight limbs upon the very first meeting. She's been training for 6 years now and trainig in Thailand for the second time with 16 fights under her belt.

Rozi Komlós on life, muay thai and following your heart and intuition.

Q: Would you please introduce yourself to the readers and tell us a bit about your family's history? A: Hello! My big family true Hungarian style all originates from Budapest.

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The first half of my family who migrated to Bondi beach was my uncle and cousins and instantly the details of the sunny beach life sold my mum on making the big move too! My father, mother, twin sister, elder sister and I all made the move to Australia in the year when I was 3 years old.

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Q: How you met combat sports and why you chose muay thai? A: I met combat sports in my early childhood, my family was always involved in some kind of martial art, originally it was my mother and twin sister practicing kung fu. I would reluctantly have to sit and watch then punch and kick in my ballerina outfit ha-ha that soon changed!

Transzuretrális műtét prosztatitisz kezelésére · A kompozíció a tapaszok a fogyás. A hordozót hagyományokon alapul kínai orvoslás. Természetes kompozíció gipsz fogyás tartalmaz összetevőket, mint például a turmalin, narancsszínű olaj, ecet, kitin, és a C és E vitamin. Ezen túlmenően, a hordozó pedig olyan további ásványi anyagok és a forró ásványi por. Ez is egy betegség, öregedés, amely magában foglalja a veszteség, gyakran hatalmas, csont tömeg, valamint a képtelenség, a csontok magukat regenerálódni.

A few years later when my mother was training Muay Thai frequently she took me along to a fight show with her trainers and I was in awe! Stunned at how these people could use their bodies and I truly found it beautiful.

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Q: How did you parents, relatives, friends reacted when you told them you want to fight? A: My family and friends have always been extremely supportive, naturally they get nervous for me but they truly believe in me. Q: How long have you tko zsírégető mega pro sorozat áttekintés training for? Ha-ha Q: Can you tell us a bit about your current gym?

It was always his dream to open an authentic Muay Thai gym and to be apart of its prosperous rise has been incredible.

The art of Muay Thai truly stems from a place of respect, humility and hard work and Alex has created a gym that breeds just that.

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Alex has a wealth of knowledge from his many years of fighting too! A Australian Champion - W. Q: How did you end up in Thailand? Can you expand on the whole story behind this?

A: During my last year of school I found myself completely uninterested, the only thing that truly had my attention and effort was Muay Thai. The trip was for almost 4 months and although at first there were many culture shocks and lonely moments I was able to stay determined and train hard.

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I improved drastically having and the incredible Thai trainer Wanmai neverdie! His Muay Thai was beautifully stylish and technical.

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To this day that is the type of fighter I strive to be. After the four months I returned home to begin University studies, although I could have stayed in Thailand forever ha-ha Q: What's your goal with muay thai?

Initially it was to just have one fight.

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Now having had 16 fights my goal is to have as many as possible! I have decided that I will make a trip home for a few months then move out here for a year to become a professional fighter.

I feel now more than ever on purpose with my development as a fighter, after 6 years its finally making sense! Muay Thai has been a complete rite of passage for me.

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From a safe and easy route to one that constantly challenges me to push beyond limits, truly believe in my self and work hard. The most powerful thing I have learnt is to be accepting of fears, failures and setbacks. The ability to tko zsírégető mega pro sorozat áttekintés and take responsibility for them but still have the heart to believe that you are on the right path.

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The greatest lesson of Muay Thai is to have a strong heart and respect life. Q: What's the best advice you got and who gave it to you?

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One of my greatest mentors Alessandro Vidoni for always believing in me. And to my new family here at Sumalee boxing gym in Phuket thank tko zsírégető mega pro sorozat áttekintés for re-igniting my passion, I feel more on purpose than ever.

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Thank you Rozi! Wishing you all the best in fighting and in life and hope to cover some more good news about you for our readers soon!

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